Book shops


  1. Hello ... Just a note to let you know how interesting I find you blog & to let you know that as well as being a collector ( my best find being the very rare W H Johns novel published by Penguin "Biggles Flies again") I also stock a large number of Penguins, Pelicans etc. in my shop "Newlyn Book" 9 Chapel Street Penzance Cornwall UK TR18 4AJ

  2. Hi Karyn, I've been following you for a while. I know how hard it is to keep up a regular blog so well done you. My little secondhand bookshop in Beaumaris, Isle of, Anglesey, North Wales, has a good reputation for old Penguins and Penguin chat. I was visited one day by Griff Rhys-Jones who wanted to include me in a TV programme - but I wasn't there that day ! Hwyl as we say in Wales.

    1. Hi Mandi,

      I focus on keeping A Penguin a Week updated, but this blog has to wait until I have spare time. Beaumaris looks beautiful. I have dreams of visiting Portmeirion one day, and if I can bring them to fruition, I will definitely investigate visiting Beaumaris as well.