Abram Games

This is another provisional list compiled in collaboration with Jonathan Light. Its long-term aim is to determine exactly how many vintage Penguin titles were commissioned by Abram Games in 1957/58 during Penguin's short-lived experiment with coloured covers. Different sources give estimates varying from less than 30 to 43.

Examples of Abram Games-style covers can be found here, and confirmed titles so far include:

  • 379. Death of a Ghost: Margery Allingham (cover by Hans Unger)
  • 667. Dancers in Mourning: Margery Allingham (cover by Denis Piper)
  • 797. Clochemerle: Gabriel Chevallier (cover by Abram Games)
  • 1056. The Affairs of Flavie: Gabriel Chevallier (cover by Abram Games)
  • 1076. Nightrunners of Bengal: John Masters (cover by Stanley Godsell)
  • 1085. The Deceivers: John Masters (cover by David Caplan)
  • 1099. Murder in Mesopotamia: Agatha Christie (cover by Stanley Godsell)
  • 1166. The Lotus and the Wind: John Masters (cover by Denis Piper)
  • 1187. The Great Escape: Paul Brickhill (cover by Abram Games)
  • 1189. The Song of the Whip: Evan Evans (cover by Abram Games)
  • 1190. Montana Rides!: Evan Evans (cover by Derek McKay)
  • 1195. Murder is Easy: Agatha Christie (cover by Stanley Godsell)
  • 1204. The Case of the Silent Partner: Erle Stanley Gardner (cover by David Caplan)
  • 1215. The Prevalence of Witches: Aubrey Menen (cover by Abram Games)
  • 1216. The Tiger in the Smoke: Margery Alingham (cover by David Caplan)
  • 1220. Whisky Galore: Compton MacKenzie (cover by Edwin Tatum)
  • 1226. Flames in the Sky: Pierre Clostermann (cover by Abram Games)
  • 1231. The Case of the Haunted Husband: Erle Stanley Gardner (cover by David Caplan)
  • 1236. The Big Heat: William P. McGovern (cover by Derek McKay)
  • 1238. Venture to the Interior: Laurens Van der Post (cover by Hans Unger)
  • 1239. The DA Holds a Candle: Erle Stanley Gardner (cover by Edwin Tatum)
  • 1242. The Devil in Velvet: John Dickson Carr (cover by Derek McKay)
  • 1246. The Case of the Drowning Duck: Erle Stanley Gardner (cover by Hans Unger)
  • 1247. The Case of the Baited Hook: Erle Stanley Gardner (cover by Erwin Fabian)
  • 1250. Tibetan Marches: Andre Migot (cover by Stanley Godsell)
  • 1260. The Small Back Room: Nigel Balchin (cover by Stanley Godsell)
  • 1261. Final Curtain: Ngaio Marsh (cover by Dennis Bailey)
  • 1265. My Uncle Silas: H.E. Bates (cover by Edward Ardizzone)
  • 1267. The Big Range: Jack Schaefer (cover by Pat Keeley)
  • 1275. Clochemerle-Babylon: Gabriel Chevallier (cover by Abram Games)
  • 1276. Robber's Roost: Zane Grey (cover by Edwin Tatum)
  • 1277. Tappan's Burro: Zane Grey (cover by Dennis Bailey)
  • 1284. The Big Show: Pierre Clostermann (cover by David Caplan)

    1. hi Karyn

      Very impressive. I will search my collection for 1957-1959 titles to see if I have any that you don't. My recollection is that I have quite a few SF or spec. lit. Penguins with this style of cover.

    2. Hi Karyn,

      do you happen to know the name of the typeface used on the covers of these gorgeous designs? Thanks, Rebecca Wolff dolldrum@gmail.com