Saturday, September 13, 2014

Covers by Len Deighton

Penguin no. 1498 (1st, 1960).

Penguin no. 1445 (reprint, 1962).

Penguin no. 1283 (1st, 1958).

Penguin no. 1282 (1st, 1958).

Penguin no. 1442 (1st, 1960).
Reviewed here.


  1. Stunning covers.. Thanks for sharing..

  2. Hi Karyn

    Are these the only Len Deighton designed Penguin covers? I have three of these and a couple of non-Penguin books with Len Deighton designed dust wrappers.
    Best Chris

  3. Many thanks, I've often wondered what his cover work was like, these are great!
    Actually have you ever seen the sixties paperbacks of his "The Ipcress File", "Funeral in Berlin", etc?
    I don't remember if they were penguins or not but they had great covers & very different from the hardback dustjackets.
    All the best,

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