Sunday, June 16, 2013

Covers by Paul Hogarth, part two

Penguin no. 1789 (1st, 1962).

Penguin no. 1790 (1st, 1962).

Penguin no. 1791 (1st, 1962).

Penguin no. 1792 (1st, 1962).

A Sense of Reality #2821 (reprint, 1975).

The Honorary Consul #3911 (1st, 1974).

The Human Factor #4956 (reprint, 1979).

The Quiet American #1792 (reprint, 1979).

Travels with my Aunt #3221 (reprint, 1985).

The Ministry of Fear #1897 (reprint, 1979).

The Third Man/The Fallen Idol #3278 (reprint, 1984).

A Burnt-Out Case #1894 (reprint, 1985).

The Man Within #3283 (1st, 1971).

Journey Without Maps #3280 (1st, 1971).

May We Borrow Your Husband? #3030 (reprint, 1971).

The Comedians #2766 (reprint 1971).

Penguin no. 17791 (reprint, 1968).

England Made Me #3146 (1st, 1970).

Brighton Rock #442 (reprint, 1972).

Twenty-One Stories #3093 (1st, 1970).

Monsignor Quixote #6597 (reprint, 1984)
Some Paul Hogarth covers, part one.

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  1. Very interesting. I've been collecting Paul Hogarth book covers for several years now. Fascinatingly, he has done all of the Graham Greene orange spine Penguin covers in every single edition from the 60s to the 80s (with the exception of the Penguin Modern Classics Brighton Rock). I've never seen that sort of loyalty by a publisher to a cover artist before. So far I've noted seven distinct cover formats, and three different illustrative styles. I have 64 unique editions of his 31 works, and there are still more on my hit list. I've even managed to track down a coffee table book he published about the 1970s series of illustrations he did for all of Greene's line.