Sunday, December 23, 2012

Improvised bookmarks 2012

An unused (possibly front row) ticket to the  1951 Davis Cup Doubles final between the USA and Australia found in a first edition copy of no. 524 Wuthering Heights (owned by Barbara Megan Maddox of Killara in December 1946). 

The Cadbury Roses menu insert (with chocolate wrappers which seem to date from the '50s) in a 1959 edition of no. 825 When the Going Was Good  by Evelyn Waugh.

In the same book, a car sticker (for display on the rear window) from  Alice Springs.

Perth tram tickets in a 1940 edition of Penguin Special S64. The trams ceased to run in 1958.

London bus tickets in a 1951 copy of Penguin Handbook PH15 owned by David Pollard  of Everton Drive, Stanmore.

From a 1969 copy of no. 2988 The Cabala. Hand-typed on the back of the photo: 'Poor mothers, living in the slums, bring their little children to the DON BOSCO MISSIONS to receive a loaf of bread and a small coin: it helps them to keep body and soul together. We pray for our beloved Benefactors.'

In Pelican A524: Electronic Computers

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  1. Karyn, how interesting - thanks for sharing these. I always check library books & second-hand books for forgotten markers. But I don't tend to leave things in my own books - do you?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Each of the items I've found I've left in the books for someone else to find in the future, but I don't think I've ever added anything of my own. Partly because I try very hard to finish every book I start, and partly because there are so few tickets issued these days.

  2. Thirty years in and around the used book biz and I've never once found any money in one.