Thursday, June 28, 2012

Derek Birdsall: Penguin & Pelican covers

Pelican A 496 (1960, 1st)

Pelican A531 (1966, 6th)

Pelican A740 (1965, 1st)

Pelican A516 (1964, 6th)

Pelican A296 (1965, 8th)

Pelican A294 (1971, 9th)

Penguin no. 2008 (1963, 1st)

Design by Derek Birdsall, drawing by Quentin Blake
Penguin no. 1676 (1962, 1st)
Reviewed here

Penguin no. 1936 (1963, 1st)

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  1. Ms. Reeves,
    Your website is without a doubt the most fantastic, well-researched and important book cover site I have come across. I have never had the pleasure of extensively collecting Penguin covers, but have always found them to be an Art form among themselves. I have and do collect the book covers of Alvin Lustig (and had the honor of meeting his widow, Mrs. Lustig Cohen) and the works of Roy Kuhlman and I know how much work and time needs to go into a real collection. Congratulations on yours and your work on it -it is simply unsurpassed by anything I've ever seen or come across.