Thursday, May 10, 2012

Penguin no. 1825: The Penguin MAX
by Giovannetti

"Max was born in Punch, London, in April 1952. Before his tenth birthday he had achieved an international reputation and is particularly well known in Great Britain, the United States, and Japan (where he passes under the name of Mr Makkusu-san). After service in the R.A.F., in which he reached the honorary rank of pilot officer, he transferred to the Royal Navy and was appointed mascot to H.M.S. Birmingham in 1953. In 1957 he was an honorary member of the Mount Kenya Expedition and that year, in order to underline his neutrality, joined the Swiss Air Force as heraldic beast of Jet Fighter Squadron No. 21. In 1958 he was placed on Enzo Ferrari's desk.

Max receives and deals with innumerable letters from his public in almost every country of the world. In addition to his present volume he has also published Max, Nothing but Max, and Max Presents, which he edited. Max receives minor assistance, such as drawings, etc., from Pericle Luigi Giovannetti, who livws in Ascona in Switzerland."
Source: The Penguin MAX


  1. I remember this book :-) I remember reading it as a small child, maybe 4 years old, standing by a bookshelf turning the pages and looking at all the pictures and the 'stories'

  2. I remember this book from the 60's. Read through it many, many times so all the illustrations you presented are familiar. I remember one where Max is reading a newspaper; he is approached by a shrew who commences to read the paper over Max's shoulder. Getting increasingly annoyed by this, Max leaves the scene after thrusting the newspaper at the shrew, hanging it on his nose.