Monday, March 19, 2012

Vintage Penguin covers illustrated by Quentin Blake

No 1592 (1961)No 1527 (1961)
No 1794 (1962) No 1847 (1962)
No. 1648 (1963) No. 1893 (1963)
No 1676 (1962)No 821 (1964)
No. 75 (1964) No 455 (1965)
No. 179 (1961) No. 423 (1961)
No 2122 (1965) No 2123 (1965)
No 2121 (1965)No 1670 (1962)
No 1687 (1962)


  1. Hi Karyn, I arrived here through the Penguin paperback spotter's group in Flickr - I love your blog and as a Penguin fan applaud your mission!

    (If you are ever back in London, the big Waterstones on Gower Street in Bloomsbury has a nice collection of Penguins in the secondhand section on the first floor.)

    I was really pleased to find this copy of Unconditional Surrender recently but didn't realise that Quentin Blake had designed this many covers, will have to keep an eye out... I especially like the Brideshead Revisited one, it's perfect.

    1. Hi Annie,

      Thanks for visiting my blogs, and for your comment.

      I was told about a Waterstones in London with a top floor housing a collection of vintage Penguins, but I looked for it near Piccadilly, so you've helped me to understand why I didn't find it.

      I love these covers by Quentin Blake as well, particularly those which look like they've been scrawled across.