Monday, February 13, 2012

Muriel Spark Reading Week & some Penguin options

Penguin no. 1546

Penguin no. 2157

Penguin no. 1909

Penguin no. 1911

Penguin no. 1912
Penguin no. 1912

Penguin no. 1910
Penguin no. 1909


  1. I love these Penguin designs! They capture the surrealism of Muriel Spark better than any other covers I've seen. Memento Mori is great, I recommend that one...

    1. Thanks Simon,

      These covers are some of my favourites in the orange series, and these are just the ones I have in my luggage in England; there are a few more at home. On your recommendation I'll start with Memento Mori, but I hope to read more than one as they all seem so short.